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Wow, so happy with this great review! “Stevie’s imagery will suck you in. While I was reading this story, it felt like I was watching the movie” “Zev is an even more interesting character, he is tall, dark, handsome, part witch and part demon! What’s not to love in this book. Not to mention sassy gargoyles, zombies, and love connections.” Thanks Niketa from Dayreader!


The Cover!!!…/between-two-evils

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Fasten Your Seatbelts, It’s Going To Be a Bumpy Week!

So much planned for this week, I can’t believe I can fit it all in!! Mark your calendars, if you wanna keep up with me.  The lovely ladies at Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies Oh My! will be reviewing Between Two Evils on February 25 and Raw Books will be hosting me on February 27th.   So excited to be honored by these two great Blogs!  If you haven’t already gotten your copy of Between Two Evils, check out the blogs, there may be some giveaways.  If you don’t want to wait it’s on sale until the end of the month for just .99 cents.

Dracula. Demons and a Witches Curse.

Dracula. Demons and a Witches Curse.

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Fabulous Angel’s Kiss Inspired Giveaway and Contest!

Come on over to goodreads and check out my new group “Ask Lynne Stevie”.  While you’re there grab a chance to win some of these fabulous Angel’s Kiss Inspired Jewelry, Bookmark Charms and/ or an Autographed Copy of Angel’s Kiss!


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Angel’s Kiss – ebook for .99 cents- Sale Ends September 1, 2012

 Highly rated paranormal novel Angel’s Kiss is on sale for only .99 cents.

Goodreads Average Rating of 4.29

Sale Ends –  September 1, 2012 

Get your copy today!

Available everywhere ebooks are sold.

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Angel’s Kiss – The Thrill of an Angel’s Touch

Floating I’m floating in warm water… mmm it s the perfect temperature, although it feels thicker and heavier than water should. I hope I don t wake up. This is a great dream. It feels so real. I can even smell…

Oh god, I feel hands all over my body. Startled, I open my eyes. The light is very dim, and it flickers like a candle or a torch. The ceiling… it s so far away, and it looks like it s made of stone or rock.

Panic threatens to overcome me, but the hands gently washing my hair pull me back into the euphoria of the dream. I raise one hand and watched the liquid coat my fingers and palm, and then run down my arm. The water seems white against my skin. A soft, dark-olive hand takes my extended arm before I have time to worry about the color of the water and gently massages my hand.

I m naked, exposed. However, the sensual experience the hands, too many to count, gently supporting and cleansing my body overpower my anxiety. The sensation is both soothing and breathtaking. My mind is fuzzy I m conscious enough to feel what s going on, but not enough to speak or turn my head to see whose massaging and washing me.

Their touch is very intimate. Yet I know it s not Alan. I should try to wake up, but this feels so wonderful I want to enjoy every moment. Ah .

I must have drifted deeper into sleep for a moment, because I m out of the water now. I can feel a soft bed around me and my face is resting gently on soft petals. The scent of roses surrounds me; it s so strong, I can almost taste them on my tongue. Hands massage my skin with some kind of oil.

Wonderful…roses. The hands gently roll me onto my back. A soft breeze against my naked breasts sends a chill through me. I just can t make myself feel self-conscious. I know I should, but it s a dream, why not enjoy it?

Who? I finally manage to ask. No one answers. The hands just keep rubbing the oil all over my body, working in perfect synchronization. I slide my fingers through the soft rose petals, enjoying the creamy texture. What an amazing dream, I manage to say in a low mumble.

This is as it can be, Alexandria, my Qadesh, if you choose to come back to me.

My eyes open, my mind instantly alert, but my body is still numb. I see a man kneeling beside me; he has a small cloth draped around his waist, leaving the rest of his body bare. Power radiates off his glistening olive skin. My bare skin tingles where it touches his thigh. My eye follows the line of his arm up to his broad chest; he is smooth and muscled. A tattoo wraps around his shoulders like an ancient necklace. The sculpted muscles of his shoulders and neck make a perfect frame for his smooth, bald head.

I meet his gaze. His deep onyx eyes mesmerize me; he has me trapped. I don t want to look away. The deep black kohl eye liner, which runs to an extreme point in the corner of his eyes made his face even more dramatic.

His fingers caress my face, following the line of my chin to my neck. They flow over my nipple, down my stomach, and out over my hip. A spin-tingling thrill goes through my body as his fingers skim over my skin. Without shame I arch my hips to meet his touch. His hand returns to my face and traces my lips. My tongue follows the path of his finger, only to realize he s put something on my lips. The taste is metallic, but sweet. My eyes close as he whispers in my ear. Dreams can be made real, my Qadesh. His cold breath on my skin makes me burn with need.

I reach out to trace the muscles of his arm; tiny hairs tickle my fingers. Hummm but his skin had looked so smooth….

I opened my eyes and saw my own bedroom and all the clutter and books on my nightstand.

Just a dream, I whispered to myself as I nestled back into Alan s arms. I felt him waking as he pulled me in tighter, trying to hold me like a pillow.

Mmmm, Alan said. You smell like roses.

That was the dream scene that grew into the novel Angel’s Kiss and it’s still my favorite sexy scene in the book. Hope you enjoyed it. I know when I had the dream it left me wanting more. If you need more of Ellasar, my dark angel, Angel’s Kiss is available as an ebook for a limited time at only .99 cents.   Amazon   Barnes an Noble   Smashwords Kobo

Or a paperback version at:

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