Simply a New Year!


I’ve never really set resolutions before, but I’m going to try something new this year.  This is the year that I simplify my life.  Unplug more and get ride of emotional and physical junk.  I have been researching the Minimalist lifestyle and while I’m not ready to live in a 500 sq. ft. tiny home (I have three kids), I do need to clean out the clutter.  As a wife and mother I feel like 90% of my day is spent shuffling crap I don’t need from one spot to another.  That insanity has to stop. Personally, I think the clutter, physical and noise, is negatively affecting my creativity, my happiness and my health.  In the next few days I will be setting up some new years resolutions for simplifying my life.

First on the list is picking a room each month to de-clutter and de-junk.  I basically have about 12 spaces in my home, including bathrooms and kids rooms and I will be tearing through one a month.  I will be envisioning a move. “If I were moving next week…”  Would I really want to pack this whatever it is and take it to the new house?  Have I used it in the last year? Does it fit?  Or am I just shuffling it from place to place, cramming more stuff into already over crowded closets and drawers.  We have lived in this home for over 16 years and it really needs a good clean out!

To get me started I’m reading Simplify:

Simplify - 7 Guiding Principles to Help Anyone Declutter Their Home and Life ebook by Joshua Becker

Join me!  I would love to hear encouraging words of wisdom from any others who have gone on this journey.

TaTa for now!


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Booking in Biloxi! Author Signing!

A special treat is waiting for you if you visit the paranormal authors at Booking in Biloxi. Find all the authors listed on this card. Collect the letters and unscramble the word. Turn in this card when you are done! Unscramble the word to win an eBook of your choice from the participating authors and be entered into the Grand Prize!

Booking in Biloxi contest card


Get your ticket today before they sell out!!  Booking in Biloxi ! See you all next Saturday, March 19, 2016!


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Awesome Read!

Wow, so happy with this great review! “Stevie’s imagery will suck you in. While I was reading this story, it felt like I was watching the movie” “Zev is an even more interesting character, he is tall, dark, handsome, part witch and part demon! What’s not to love in this book. Not to mention sassy gargoyles, zombies, and love connections.” Thanks Niketa from Dayreader!


The Cover!!!…/between-two-evils

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“The Best Way to Behave is to Misbehave.”

Mae West said it best!  Come misbehave with me and all the Authors at Booking in Biloxi March 7th!

Ticket Information Here

Facebook Page Here

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Fasten Your Seatbelts, It’s Going To Be a Bumpy Week!

So much planned for this week, I can’t believe I can fit it all in!! Mark your calendars, if you wanna keep up with me.  The lovely ladies at Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies Oh My! will be reviewing Between Two Evils on February 25 and Raw Books will be hosting me on February 27th.   So excited to be honored by these two great Blogs!  If you haven’t already gotten your copy of Between Two Evils, check out the blogs, there may be some giveaways.  If you don’t want to wait it’s on sale until the end of the month for just .99 cents.

Dracula. Demons and a Witches Curse.

Dracula. Demons and a Witches Curse.

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